Vision and mission

Our vision

Embedding approaches which have worked locally in particular maintaining a culture of partnership working and working to retain specific interventions or activities where they have provided positive outcomes for local people based on the knowledge and information the community have about the area.

Specific aims

  • Improve capacity and skills to help people feel more confident to try more new things.
  • Improve self confidence to get involved so people feel they can make a difference in their community and feel safe at all times in their neighbourhood.
  • Nurture networking and share of experiences to help create friendships and feeling part of the community.
  • Ensure local services and developments are response to local need in.
  • Improving life styles so people feel healthier and are making better green choices.



  • To liaise with networks of groups and community organisations.
  • To carry out lobbying and advocacy.
  • To disseminate information between and about communities and local service providers.
  • To carry out capacity-building work.
  • To commission and/or deliver neighbourhood work.


Download our Annual Report for 2013-2014

Download our Annual Report for 2012-2013