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East Salford Older People's Network Receives Their First Investment

Since the last newsletter, our Older People's Network in East Salford has had their first successful funding bid. The group have received money to purchase integrated seating to be placed at the front of the Salford Sports Village. Not only will this help older people wanting to get involved in the gardening project, but is suitable for young people to work on as well. The hope of the group is to use these seats to partner with Yoghurt Pots Nursery to encourage young people to work alongside the network. As well as this, the group have also received funds for a greenhouse. The group are keen to start growing vegetables for all the community to use, once the greenhouse is set up, some of the produce will provide ingredients for the community cafe. The greenhouse will also provide educational opportunities for children attending Yoghurt Pots to learn about planting, growing and where our food comes from. 

Huge congratulations to the East Salford Network for all their hard work. The hard work of the group will truly make an impact on the community of East Salford. If you are interested in joining the network, please contact Andrea Whelan on 0161 743 3625.


Celebrating Volunteering...

Karl is a local resident who attended one of our employability courses which are run at St Sebastian’s community centre. After completing the course Karl asked about volunteering he was interested in working in a café because he enjoyed cooking. Karl was introduced to Joanne who manages the Sports Village community café in Lower Kersal for ICT and he was taken on has a volunteer for 2 days a week . With the help and support from Joanne Karl is now working towards a level 2 food hygiene certificate 
Karl  says that since becoming a Volunteer "l feel that I am being more productive and my health has improved. I enjoy meeting people and being involved, Volunteering is perfect for me."


Advice and Guidance in CHALK...

It can be hard getting an appointment at the CAB, so why not book an appointment with our Advice and Guidance worker. The appointments can be about many issues from housing, benefits and even job searching.Throughout 2016 we worked with a number of single people involved in a case where HMRC had partnered up with a company called Concentrix who were suspending benefits because the claimant was allegedly living with a partner. This was not the case with a lot of the single people so we contested the claims and were able to get ensure people had their money returned.
If you need a bit of help or advice booking an appointment - please contact Tina on 0161 743 3625.


We will work to - 

  • Deliver a programme of learning to support local residents to increase skills to help move into further learning or employment
  • Support a programme of volunteering opportunities with accredited learning to provide first steps towards moving into further learning or employment
  • Provide a programme of support to local community assets which will bring people together and support residents to improve their own health and wellbeing


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