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Enabling local residents of Charlestown and Lower Kersal to come together to identify key priorities within their neighbourhood and support the engagement of seldom heard voices. Provide a platform for local residents of Charlestown and Lower Kersal to share their stories of challenges and achievements.

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Deliver a programme of learning to support local residents of Charlestown and Lower Kersal to increase skills to help move into further learning or employment. Support a programme of volunteering opportunities with accredited learning to provide a first step towards moving into further learning or employment. Provide a programme of support to local community assets which will bring people together and support residents to age well.

Engage partners to support us to address environmental priorities across the area including flytipping/environmental improvements. Identify opportunities to minimise the impact of empty homes in the neighbourhood. Provide resources through a commissioning pot and working along side partners to access additional resources for the neighbourhood to deliver against community priorities (linked to community plan results and Forum priorities). Development of a Community Plan based on community priorities and establishing partnerships to improve...

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